Dog coughs up wedding ring after 5 years

Dog coughs up wedding ring after 5 years (Image 1)

A 10-year-old Rottweiler mix recently coughed up his owner’s wedding ring, five years after it went missing.

Lois Matykowski told ABC affiliate WAOW-TV in Wisconsin she had been married to her husband for 20 years when the ring went missing. The couple had just upgraded the ring and it was not insured.

At the time, Matykowski said she looked everywhere; her house, her yard and her car.  She even inspected her dog Tucker’s poop for a few weeks before giving up.

Matykowski said she was eating popsicles with her granddaughter two weeks ago when she turned around for a second and her popsicle was gone.

Tucker had swallowed it, including the stick so Matykowski called the veterinarian to make sure he wouldn’t get sick. The vet told her to put some Vaseline between two slices of bread to help the stick come out of Tucker’s tummy.

Shortly after, Tucker coughed up the stick but two days later became sick and vomited again.

It was in that vomit that Matykowski noticed something sparkly: it was her long lost wedding ring.

She cleaned the ring off and said looks the same as it did years ago.

Even though Tucker was the cause of the confusion, Matykowski calls him her hero.

*WAOW-TV contributed to this story.

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