Sumner County pastor to own 1st home, thanks to donations

Sumner County pastor to own 1st home, thanks to donations (Image 1)

A Sumner County pastor who spent years helping others is getting a helping hand from his community to own his first home.

James Gill, who is the pastor of Liberty Baptist Church in Gallatin, is known in the area as the founder of the Sumner County Food Bank.

During the organization’s early years, Gill and his wife used $35,000 of their own money to keep the food bank going.

“Dr. Gill, what a wonderful man. Every Tuesday they give away food to hundreds of people and he’s there early, he stays late. He’s dedicated his whole life to serving our community,” said Bob Goodall.

The community is thanking the Gills’ for their generosity over the years by helping them build a home.

At 72, Gill has never owned his own home, but it has always been a dream of his.

“But always whispered a little prayer God, I can’t, but you can. If it’s possible, and all of a sudden, it’s here. We’re thankful, we’re blessed,” Gill told News 2.

Gill also said he looks forward to seeing his wife on her own front porch.

Anyone who would like to donate to the fund for the Gills’ home can mail a check to Liberty Baptist Church at 1047 South Water Drive, Gallatin, Tennessee 37066.

Checks should be made payable to the “James Gill New Home Fund.”

To volunteer during the building process, contact Dan Ruffin at 615-207-5220 or

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