2 Ashland City Carnival workers arrested in 2 days

2 Ashland City Carnival workers arrested in 2 days (Image 1)

Two Ashland City Carnival workers were arrested on subsequent nights in Cheatham County this week.

One of the men is on the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation’s sex offender registry and the other is a suspect in a vehicular homicide case in Georgia.

According to multiple Ashland city law officers, 29-year-old Curtis Nash was seen working a children’s ride at the Summerfest Carnival Wednesday night.

He was escorted from the carnival grounds and later arrested.

The TBI said Nash, who is on the sex offender registry, has been arrested numerous times in the past.

Investigators said he lied to carnival officials about his sex offender status when he was hired.

Dixieland Carnival Company owner Billy Tucker told News 2 he hired Nash as a day labor to pick up trash.

“Day labor, we don’t do a background check on them. It takes three to four days to get one back. If you hire a kid to mow your lawn are you going to do a background check on him? No, let him mow your lawn. Give him 50 bucks and send him on his way.”

The following day Ashland City police arrested Matthew Wilcher on carnival property.

He is wanted out of Dublin, Georgia on vehicular homicide charges and DUI.

According to authorities, Wilcher was driving a Ford Crown Victoria that ran off the road, killing a backseat passenger.

Tucker said a vendor who works at the carnival hired Wilcher.

“We do a drug test and a background check on them through my insurance company, but unfortunately, it takes three to four days to get the background check back. Also, unfortunately, background checks like civilians get do not show any kind of warrants or anything like that. They only show what you have actually been convicted of. Half the Cheatham County Sheriff’s Department is out here. Half the Ashland City police force is out here. There’s 4,000 eyes out here watching these people. Nothing is going to happen, believe me.,” Tucker stated.

Nash has since bonded out of jail.

Wilcher remains in the Cheatham County Jail awaiting extradition proceedings to face vehicular homicide charges.

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