Woman charged with plot to defraud TennCare

Woman charged with plot to defraud TennCare (Image 1)

A Wilson County woman is accused of trying to carry out a plot to defraud TennCare and having the state pay her for grandfather’s home care.

Angela Douglas, 45, was arrested and charged in Trousdale County with two counts of TennCare fraud and one count of theft of services.

In a three-count indictment, Douglas is accused of transferring her grandfather’s assets and resources to herself.

She then reportedly used power of attorney to make him eligible for TennCare benefits, which would include nursing home care.

“Many people want to preserve their assets for children or other beneficiaries, but federal law prohibits this kind of ‘pauperizing’ of a person to trigger government aid for expensive long-term care,” stated Acting Inspector General Robert White.

Illegally obtaining TennCare medical benefits is a class E felony. It carries a maximum penalty of two years in prison per charge.

Theft of services over $10,000 is a class C felony with a maximum sentence of six years in prison.

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