Antioch mother dragged by car after thieves steal purse

Antioch mother dragged by car after thieves steal purse (Image 1)

An Antioch mother was dragged across a parking lot while trying to stop two thieves who stole her purse.

It happened on June 22 in broad daylight at the Smyrna Shell Gas Station on Sam Ridley Parkway near Interstate 24.

Video from the gas station shows 40-year-old Christina Shinlever, a mother of four, being pulled a short distance by a white Scion tC with tinted windows.

She said she was sitting in the parking lot when two men pulled up next to her car.

The passenger, who had a hairstyle similar to a Mohawk, saw her purse through her open window.

The men lingered around the front of the store for a little while and then the passenger reached through the window and stole Shinlever’s purse.

She then sprinted after the bad guys, grabbing onto the side view mirror before she was thrown to the ground.

“I hit my nose on the concrete, then I guess, my body went down. I scraped the concrete. I couldn’t even wash this with soap and water it stung so bad. I tried to get the guys. I tried to stop the car and [be] super mom. It didn’t work,” Shinlever said.

She was not seriously injured, but she did suffer bumps and bruises and scrapes all over her body.

Shinlever said she lost a pocket watch her grandfather gave her two days before he died, along with her purse.

The men are described as white males approximately five feet, nine inches tall.

Anyone with information is urged to call Smyrna Police Department at 615-459-6644.

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