USA set to face Germany in the World Cup

(Graphic: WKRN)

The United States is only a tie away from being one of the final 16 teams in the World Cup.

The U.S. faces powerhouse Germany Thursday morning and can guarantee a spot in the knockout round with a win or a draw, even a loss could get them in if the the margin of victory is 2 goals or less for either Portugal or Ghana.

Team USA is playing to win however and by beating the Germans would send a message to the world that the days of being an underdog against a powerhouse could be coming to an end.

Head Coach Jurgen Klinsmann says his team is confident they can win a game against a team like Germany, “we’re very well capable to beat Germany and we know that, without being to over confident, without being too positive, it’s possible it’s doable.”

Win, lose or drawthe only thing that really matters is getting to the next round. “obviously a huge win for the United States to do a win over Germany in a world cup but ultimately it would just get us to where we wanna go and that’s the next round.” said midfielder Kyle Beckerman.

The United States and Germany kick-off at 11 a.m. Thursday.

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