Daughter hailed as hero after using CPR to save dad

Daughter hailed as hero after using CPR to save dad (Image 1)

A 12-year-old Austin, Texas girl used CPR to save her father’s life on Valentine’s Day and it was recognized in conjunction with CPR Awareness Week earlier this month.

Aly Demarco told ABC News that she was just about to leave for school when her dad called her name in a high-pitched voice from the back room where he was riding his stationary bike.

She went to the back room where her 4-year-old sister and dog joined her father as he struggled to stand up. He then lost his balance and fell on the dog cage.

Demarco thought it was a joke at first as did her dog that jumped on her father and began to lick his face, but as she realized the seriousness she began to panic.

Aly, who had just finished an infant CPR course so she could babysit, called her mother. When she didn’t answer, she called 911.

The operator walked her through the hand-compression CPR.

Michael DeMarco was later rushed to St. David’s Medical Center, where he was in a coma for six days.

When her father woke up from the coma he couldn’t believe what had happened.

The family is grateful for Aly’s brave reaction and believes everyone should know how to perform CPR.

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