Company drives over 6-inch curb to park airport customers’ cars

Company drives over 6-inch curb to park airport customers' cars (Image 1)

Would you drive your car over a city curb to park it? Valet parkers have been doing just that at one overflow lot used by a private “off-site” airport parking company.

Viewers who have witnessed the cars jump the curb every day into the lot off Donelson Pike asked News 2 to investigate.

The valet parkers work for Flight Park, a business with an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau, that boasts 24/7 surveillance.

When their main lot on Donelson Pike overflows, the company has valet drivers that take cars to an extra lot.

When News 2 visited the lot in question, dozens of vehicles were parked in the grass with no driveway or cut in the curb to access the property.

The curb that borders the lot is about six inches high.

It didn’t take long for News 2 to witness valet parkers driving vehicles up and over the curb, although they did do so slowly, carefully, and in some cases, coming to a full stop on the roadway before turning in.

The Metro Nashville Department of Codes told News 2 that if you are going to park cars in a lot, there has to be a cut in. If not, it’s a violation.

In order to create a cut in, engineers need to do a traffic study to ensure the area is safe in terms of traffic flow and sight lines.

Over the phone, Flight Park’s General Manager Eric Lowman told News 2 he is aware of the issue and even parks his own car in the lot, saying it is very safe.

Lowman said he’s been working with a contractor for three weeks to come up with a plan acceptable to the Metro government to fix the problem.

Aside from the curb issue, Lowman says the lots are safe, even patrolled by staff and Metro police. There hasn’t been a car broken into in 12 years.

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