Detectives dash across 5 lanes of traffic to capture shoplifter

Detectives dash across 5 lanes of traffic to capture shoplifter (Image 1)

A crazy few minutes ensued outside the Rivergate Mall Monday afternoon.

Four Goodlettsville detectives sat down for lunch and suddenly found themselves in a foot pursuit across all five lanes of Gallatin Pike.

“We look up and here comes a female, running at a fast pace with two big bags of clothes,” Detective Les Carlisle said.

He was watching alleged shoplifter Deashley Tabor dash across the parking lot of the restaurant where they were eating, running from a store manager at the Rivergate Mall.

The whole incident began a mere few minutes earlier at a store called Buckle inside the mall.

Police say 26-year-old Tabor and three other unidentified women were filling up bags with merchandise and leaving stores without paying.

Det. Carlisle says the women were boosting, a practice where someone takes orders for merchandise, then steals it for their clients.

Tabor was sprinting from the mall and crossing Gallatin Pike when detectives at a nearby restaurant saw the commotion outside.

Det. Carlisle, Sgt. Jimmy Driver, Joe Bardill and Stan Hilgadiack then jumped up from the table and burst out of the restaurant.

“We look up and the manager is right behind her in a foot chase, and we all jump and jump out that door and begin the foot pursuit,” Det. Carlisle recalled.

The pursuit was exciting for both detectives and onlookers.

“I was immediately hollering at her, ‘Hey, police! Stop! Stop!’ and we’re going across Gallatin Road, heavy traffic both sides,” explained Det. Carlisle.

The men dodged oncoming traffic by holding up his hands and yelling, “Police!”

They caught Tabor on the other side of the road, which reportedly surprised her.

After Tabor’s arrest, the detectives returned to the restaurant and finished their meal. Everyone inside was full abuzz.

“Yeah they were pretty excited when we came back in. They were all like applauding us saying, ‘Hey great job,” Det. Carlisle said. “It felt great. It’s good for the good guys to win every once in a while.”

The other three women who allegedly aided Tabor in the thefts have not been identified.

Officials in Shelby County were very interested in Tabor’s arrest, though it’s unclear why.

Her record, though lengthy, consists mostly of charges related to petty theft and driving infractions.

The $894 worth of merchandise she allegedly stole Monday was returned to the store immediately.

Tabor was charged with theft and booked into the Metro jail on $5,000 bond.

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