Changes to downtown route for proposed Amp released

Changes to downtown route for proposed Amp released (Image 1)

Changes to the downtown portion of the Amp bus rapid transit system were discussed Tuesday at the Citizens Advisory Meeting.

Project Manager Mark Sturtevant said the changes come after nearly a year of engineering work designed to provide efficient access to downtown Nashville.

“We wanted to have an iconic ‘gateway to Lower Broad’ station at 5th Avenue and Broadway, but there is really no way to build one there in a way that is both safe and cost effective,” Sturtevant said in a release.

He was referring to the formerly proposed Amp station on Broadway.

The project team is now looking to place the downtown station on 5th Avenue near Music City Central, but it has yet to be finalized.

The new route through downtown Nashville is as follows:

Following a stop at a center lane station at 9th Avenue and Broadway, the Amp will turn left at 8th Avenue North and Broadway, right on Commerce Street, left onto 5th Avenue North, right on Gay Street, right on 3rd Avenue North, and left onto Woodland proceeding to east Nashville.

The return route, however, will go south down 4th Avenue North instead of returning on 5th.

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