Canines cause loss of insurance coverage

Canines cause loss of insurance coverage (Image 1)
Canines cause loss of insurance coverage (Image 1)

If a canine is a member of your family, there’s a chance that you might have problems with certain insurance providers.

Depending on the breed, some risk managers told our sister station WATE-TV that insurance companies have put forth breeding restrictions based on the number of dog bites reported.

On the most recent list provided by The Humane Society of the United States, Staffordshire terriers and pit bulls were at the top.

Insurance companies have a misrepresentation clause in their coverage. This means that if you don’t reveal you have one of the dogs considered too aggressive, you could lose coverage.

Advocates from the Humane Society have said that many breeds on the top of the “bite list” are unfairly demonized.

“Dog friendly” insurance carriers have started to market themselves as non-breed discriminating.

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