Life of young marine who died at war honored in Shelbyville

Life of young marine who died at war honored in Shelbyville (Image 1)

A young marine who gave his life supporting Operation Enduring Freedom was remembered in Shelbyville on Tuesday.

Community and family members of Marine PFC Daniel McClenney gathered on the anniversary of his death to ensure the young soldier’s sacrifice is not forgotten.

The 19-year-old died 10 years ago Tuesday.

“On the afternoon of June 24, Justin Thacker, Brian Mobey and Daniel McClenney did what marines do; they go on patrols to find the enemy,” said Sgt. Mark Cutter with the U.S. Marines.

Sgt. Cutter served with McClenney, and is still unable to hold back the tears.

He told the young marine’s family and community about McClenney’s heroic actions after he and his team were ambushed not far from their camp.

“With half his team dead, half wounded, for the next 30 minutes, he fought until every round he had was gone,” Sgt. Cutter recalled.

“After that, he continued to radio to us what he needed, what medivacc he needed and what position he was at until we could get there,” he continued.

The memorial ended with the playing of taps and a wreath that was later taken to Rose Bank Cemetery and placed on McClenney’s grave.

His dedication to his duty and sacrifice will soon be displayed in the halls of Shelbyville Central High School, his alma mater.

A student named Shelby Bearden also received a scholarship from the Marine Corps League named in McClenney’s honor.

Money to support the scholarship fund partly comes money donated by retired marines, but those interested can do so as well.

Donations can be sent to address below:

Marine Corps League
Gen. Austin C Shofner Det. 1128
P.O. Box 637
Tullahoma, TN 37388

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