1,900 athletes participate in Senior Olympics

1,900 athletes participate in Senior Olympics (Image 1)

Many seniors ages 50 to 101 are competing this week in the Senior Olympics in Franklin.

Events include volleyball, track and field, bowling, tennis and racquetball, among many others.

Participant Linda Horenkamp told Nashville’s News 2 Monday this Is her fourth year to participate in the event.

“A couple of us have played together when we were in our 20s. So we’ve taken some time off and got back together when we turned 50. [It’s] kind of been fun getting back together with old friends,” she explained.

Charlie Herr, 86, and his 68-year-old wife Sandy made the trip from Maryville, Tennessee to participate in this year’s Senior Olympic, something they have done for 16 years.

“The people are wonderful people, a lot of good people,” the couple said. “We see them all over and enjoy the people.”

The athletes told News 2 their love of the game and camaraderie keeps them active, which in turn has its own rewards.

“Staying active definitely makes you feel better and hopefully let you live longer and have a good time with your friends,” participant Becky Sensky said.

The oldest athlete competing in the state finals is 101-years-olds. He is participating in track, bowling and shuffleboard.

Around 1,900 athletes are competing in this year’s Senior Olympics.

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