1 killed, 2 injured after party in Clarksville ends in shooting

1 killed, 2 injured after party in Clarksville ends in shooting (Image 1)

A man was killed and two women injured after an overnight party Clarksville ended in a shooting early Sunday morning.

Montgomery County officials said a fight broke out inside the party at a public venue on Edlin Street and, as it escalated, spilled outdoors.

Police believe that during the fight, two or three suspects began shooting, killing 23-year-old Ralphthaniel Magee of Springfield.

Two other women were grazed by bullets and drove themselves separately to nearby hospitals for treatment.

News 2 spoke to one of the women, whose identity will not be revealed, who recalled the events of the night.

“My friends and I, we ran for our safety, and by the time we were getting closer to the car I had looked back and I saw that there were guys running behind me shooting, there were guys in front of me shooting in my direction and the next thing you know I was hit and fell in a ditch,” she said.

The 23-year-old female said it felt like a massacre, but that she feels bless.

“God spared my life and he protected me. It could have worse than it was for me,” she said.

She told News 2 that Magee has three children a wife, whom she went to school with.

“I think that’s very tragic that it had to happen to him,” she stated.

The victim also said the shooters fired around 10 rounds inside the building and continued to shoot as they fled and drove away.

Another man showed up a nearby hospital Sunday morning and police are investigating if it’s connected to the incident at the party.

While no arrests have been made, authorities said Monday they have developed a person of interest.

They believe the suspects are all Springfield residents.

Anyone at the party, whether they saw anything or not, or anyone with information regarding the incident, is urged to contact Sgt. Steve Heise at 931-648-0611, ext. 13404 to give a statement.

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