Vanderbilt falls to Texas 4-0

JOE BIDDLE: Sunday Notes: June 22, 2014 (Image 1)

All they needed was a win for a trip to the finals of the College World Series but after some bad luck, the Commodores were shut out 4-0 against Texas.

The bad mojo started almost immediately.

During the bottom of the first inning, a potential inning ending double play turned into an RBI single for Texas after an umpire was hit with the ball, ruling it dead.

The bases were then loaded for the Longhorns. They scored another before the inning was over, to lead 2-0.

In the second inning, a Rhett Wiseman mistake led to the Horns third run.

By the end of that inning, Texas led 4-0.

The Dores were never able to refocus. They are now are one loss away from coming back to Nashville.

They have a rematch with Texas Saturday at 2 p.m. for a trip to the finals.

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