Dad dances with disabled daughter in pageant competitions

Dad dances with disabled daughter in pageant competitions (Image 1)

A father in Georgia is helping his disabled daughter compete in pageants.

Mike Carey acts as a dancing partner for his 12-year-old daughter, McKenzie.

According to ABC News, she suffers from mitochondrial disease, which affects her ability to speak and move. The disease also left her bound to a wheelchair.

McKenzie’s mother, Tammy, started putting her daughter in pageants when she was five-years-old as a way to bond with her and help her make friends.

“We’re trying to figure out ways to help our daughter and help her enjoy life, and pageants give her an opportunity to be like other children,” she said.

Tammy did not want to place her daughter in a pageant for special needs children, but she needed a plan for helping her perform on stage.

That is when Mike stepped in to help. During a hectic pageant day, he decided to take the stage with his daughter.

“I wheeled her up on the stage and I did a wheelie across the stage and I picked her up [to dance]. I made up a dance in my head. The crowd went crazy,” Mike explained.

He posted a video on YouTube of one of their pageant performances and received more than two million views.

“If I get one person [inspired], it made the whole song and whole thing worthwhile,” said Mike. “It’s like an unspoken message. This dance is alike an unspoken testimony and shows bond and love between a father and daughter.”

McKenzie has won 20 pageants so far and she plans to do more. Their next competition is a national pageant in Nebraska.

Her father said he has already planned out seven more dances for them to perform.

*ABC News contributed to this story.

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