Racist symbols spray painted in Columbia neighborhood

Racist symbols spray painted in Columbia neighborhood (Image 1)

More than a dozen structures in a Columbia neighborhood were spray painted with racist and vulgar symbols.

It happened late Tuesday night into early Wednesday morning in the Countryside Village Community.

Mary Wilson, who lives in the area, said she was not victimized but several of her neighbors were.

“I’m offended by it. It offends me because people have the right to live in their homes without being vandalized or singled out,” Wilson said.

Residents told News 2 they heard that 22 different structures were vandalized, however the Columbia Police Department confirm that it was more than a dozen.

Some people in the community feel like the vandalism was targeting people of color.

“It seems like someone really needs to grow up. It’s 2014. It’s not like way back when, when this was acceptable. It’s not. We need to understand it is not acceptable anymore,” said Keethen Gentry.

Many of the residents have cleaned up the graffiti.

According to a police report, the average price of destroyed vinyl siding is approximately $1,000.

Anyone with information about the crime should call the Columbia Police Department at 931-388-2727.

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