Soldier in Afghanistan fights for dog his ex sold away

Soldier in Afghanistan fights for dog his ex sold away (Image 1)
Soldier in Afghanistan fights for dog his ex sold away (Image 1)

A soldier who was in Afghanistan is close to getting his dog back after his ex-girlfriend reportedly sold it while he was deployed, thanks to the help of strangers on social media.

Robert Gabbert, 23 a soldier based in Fort Carson, Colorado, left his 3-year-old Shiba Inu named Baxter with his former girlfriend when he was deployed to Afghanistan in March.

When Gabbert found out that his ex-girlfriend had sold his dog on Craigslist, he posted an ad on the site asking for help.

The ad stated: “I am currently deployed and my ex sold my dog. I just found out and I am trying to find the people (person) who bought him. I will pay anything to get him back. His name is Baxter and he is a Shiba Inu. I do not have my phone with me. You can email me. The phone number is my mom’s she is helping me locate him. If you have any information PLEASE give us a call or an email.”

The post soon went viral on social media and even led to supporters setting up a Facebook page called “Help Bring Baxter Home” to assist Gabbert’s mother in finding the military family who bought the dog.

The family who took Baxter in said they are having a hard time parting with him because their children have become so attached.

The people behind the Facebook page, however, managed to raise $1,400 in an effort to buy Baxter from the family so he could be returned to Gabbert.

Pleas across social media have apparently worked. ABC News reports there is a possible agreement being made between the support group and the family.

Members of the support group also said they are more than willing to find the family a new dog if and when Baxter is given back to the soldier.

*ABC News contributed to this story.

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