Robertson County man puts up sign in protest after dog shot

Robertson County man puts up sign in protest after dog shot (Image 1)

A Robertson County man has taken an extreme step to make sure his loyal dog and companion is not forgotten after a neighbor shot his canine last week.

Allen Ralph’s eight-year-old Labrador, Maxx, was killed by a neighbor June 10.

The neighbor was not charged.

Ralph has since erected a large sign at the end of his driveway that reads, “Maxx is gone due to a neighbor being able to shoot anything. I love & miss you Maxx.”

The neighbor told Robertson County sheriff’s officials that the dog had come on to his property and attacked his pit bull.

Robertson County deputies told Ralph that because Maxx was not on a leash the neighbor who shot him had the option to press charges against him, however, the neighbor declined.

Ralph said he doesn’t believe Maxx attacked another dog prior to the shooting.

He told News 2 Maxx wandered off his porch after a storm and after searching for him for three hours he got a call from his neighbor telling him to come over. The neighbor found Ralph’s phone number on Maxx’s collar.

“He said that we had a problem, that my dog had bit his dog and I went and met with the man,” he said.

Ralph described Maxx as a friendly dog, not aggressive and loved by many in the community.

“Just two Sundays ago he was swimming in a swimming pool with another black lab. They were playing with the same toy,” he said, adding, “He was a good dog.”

Maxx was abandoned in a hay field when he came into Ralph’s life.

”When I brought him home, he just instantly bonded with me. He would ride in the truck with me and go to work with me,” Ralph recalled.

Ralph told News 2 since putting up the sign several other dog owners have reached out to him and shared similar stories of their pets being killed by neighbors.

He said he wants to raise awareness for other pet owners to keep a close eye on pets when outside.

“I don’t want others to go through what I am going through,” he said. “I don’t have kids, so Maxx was like my son.”

Ralph said he has been offered another dog, but it is too soon. He is still grieving for Maxx.

News 2 went to the neighbor’s home for comment, but no one answered the door.

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