Man to file lawsuit for alleged beating by La Vergne police

Man to file lawsuit for alleged beating by La Vergne police (Image 1)

A man who said he was beaten by La Vergne police plans to file a federal civil rights lawsuit against the officers who were at the scene.

Mario Ticas will take legal action next week for the incident, which was caught on cell phone video.

Tica’s attorney, Ivan Lopez, told News 2 his client was brutally beaten and attacked by a police dog. He went on to say Ticas remains uneasy about going to his apartment where the incident took place.

“I talked to him last week. He’s still very afraid. For that man’s sanctity of his home to be disrupted is, I think, the saddest thing,” Lopez stated.

Lopez would not disclose how much money the federal lawsuit will seek. However, he said he will insist that the La Vergne Police Department undergo training so this type of incident does not happen again.

The attorney openly questions elements of the investigation, including why the two officers at the heart of the alleged beating were never suspended or put on desk duty while the incident was under investigation.

Police Chief Mike Walker told News 2 he has viewed dash cam video from that night and it exonerate his officers. 

When asked about early reports that La Vergne police destroyed evidence in the case, Walker said that is completely untrue.  He went on to say that he will prosecute to the fullest extent of the law if he finds out that happened.

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has collected materials associated with the case and presented them to the Rutherford County’s District Attorney Office.

The dash cam video, which has not been made public, is also in the hands of the D.A.

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