Buckets of nails being dumped across Giles County roads

Buckets of nails being dumped across Giles County roads (Image 1)

Giles County officials are on the lookout for a vandal responsible for dumping bucket loads of nails and screws on long stretches of country roads.

There are at least 40 incidents of flat tires spanning more than six months.

Residents have collected piles of nails and screws from the roads, sometimes thousands at a time.

Dry Weakly Road in rural Giles County fell victim to the cruel vandal.

Resident Clara Parker told News her tires have 20,000 miles on them.

“And they are full of holes with plugs in them,” she explained.

Her husband, Carl Parker, said there are so many on the ground, residents used a magnet to better pick them up.

“They are scattered all across the road,” he said. “People have had as many as six to seven nails in one wheel.”

“It doesn’t make me feel too good,” Clara Parker added.

Some people plug the holes in their tires at $7 to $10 a pop, while others have had to buy entirely new sets of tires at prices ranging from $600 to $800.

Anyone who has any information on who is responsible is urged to contact the Giles County Sheriff’s Office at 931-363-3505.

Deputies say the culprits could be charged with more serious crimes than vandalism, especially if someone gets hurt due to the nails or damage to their tires.

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