Brentwood native makes strides in sustainable fashion

Brentwood native makes strides in sustainable fashion (Image 1)

A Brentwood native is quickly becoming one of the hottest names in sustainable fashion design.

You can see Jeff Garner’s fashions all over the world and he’s even designing gowns for supermodels.

Garner told News 2 he’s been interested in fashion since he was just 6 years old.

“I would take my sister’s Barbie sketch pad, the one with the stamps, [and] I would just kind of sketch and draw, kind of create things,” he said. “I would lock myself in the room, cut things apart [and] put them back together.”

Garner says his goal with his line Prophetik is to create both a platform and awareness for sustainable fashion, taking into account the environmental and the social impact pieces have throughout their lifespan.

Supermodel Giselle has bought in.

Garner designed her indigo hemp and silk gown that was a huge hit at the Rainforest Alliance Gala in New York last month.

“She’s been doing it so long she knows how to move the gown,” Garner said. “I’ve never seen somebody work with a gown so well before. That’s her world, and she even gave me ideas.”

The industrial hemp he used in Giselle’s gown is made to last and is antibacterial and antifungal.

“It’s the longest fiber so therefore it’s the strongest fiber,” Garner explained. “For me, it’s like the super fabric. When you mix it with the beauty of silk, you have the strength and durability of hemp, mixed with the luminosity of silk. To me, that’s one of my favorite blends.”

He wants people to have an option.

“If you don’t want to take the risk, there is a health benefit to wearing natural dyes. There’s no formaldehyde in it, which is a carcinogen and creates cancer. Whether you believe it or not, at least you have an option to say, ‘Ok, I don’t want to wear this bleached-dyed.’”

Garner is currently working on a shoe collection with a manufacturer out of Brazil that is due out in September, and is hoping to design a new kind of hemp denim.

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