Witness saves woman from sexual assault in downtown Nashville

Witness saves woman from sexual assault in downtown Nashville (Image 1)

A person who reportedly witnessed a woman being sexually assaulted in downtown Nashville is being credited with rescuing her from her attacker.

According to an affidavit, the woman hailed police in the 1100 block of Broadway early Thursday morning after the alleged assault.

The victim told police that the suspect, later identified as Humberto Martinez, approached both the victim and witness, to offer them beer.

After the victim refused and fell asleep, she was awoken by the 41-year old man touching her leg. According to the victim, Martinez did not stop there.

She said she fell back asleep then awoke again to the attacker touching her in upper and lower private areas.  The victim yelled at Martinez to stop touching her several times.

At that time, the witness told police they had to pull Martinez off the victim in order to stop the attack.

Police later found Martinez sleeping under the Cummings Station bridge and charged him with sexual battery.

Martinez was also charged with public intoxication after police located multiple beer bottles around his bed and said he showed signs of being intoxicated.

He is being held in the Metro jail on a $26,000 bond.

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