Shoney’s adds beer to menu

(Photo: WKRN)

Beer on the menu of the place known for their breakfast bar? It’s coming to a Shoney’s near you.

The Shoney’s brand was built off the drive-in generation 67 years ago. Adding alcohol to the menu is just one step the restaurant plans to take to keep them relevant today.

The breakfast bar and hot fudge cakes will remain, but soon Shoney’s will have a new look and feel.

“It’s part of a complete reimaging process that we are doing, making the restaurants more relevant,” Damon Davoudpour, Director of Marketing for Shoney’s told News 2.

The name and southern hospitality will also remain, but the new Shoney’s will look completely different inside and out.

Music City will not be the first for the revamp. In the past year, four of the new Shoney’s have popped up in other states.

“If you have been to a restaurant five years ago, ten years ago and you walk into one of these Shoney’s you won’t even recognize it,” Davoudpour explains.

The restaurant will have a revamped fresh menu that includes beer and wine, some locations will even offer a full bar.

“By offering beer, wine, alcohol, fresh food as well, you know, all our meat is fresh now that targets towards the new millennials.” 

Over the course of the next year Shoney’s plans to reimage all of the Middle Tennessee restaurants.

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