Friend sees suspicious activity after Hermitage mother vanishes

Nikki Burgess
Nikki Burgess

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) – For the first time, one of those closest to missing Hermitage mother Nichole “Nikki” Burgess is talking about the suspicious activity he witnessed in the days after she disappeared.

Jamie McCavanaugh shares a duplex on Oak Vale Drive with Burgess and is a good friend of hers.

Nikki Burgess home
Nikki Burgess’ two dogs were found alone at her Hermitage home.

“She is a fantastic person, so it’s a huge potential loss,” he said.

McCavanaugh told News 2 he cannot stop thinking about what he witnessed in the early morning hours of May 25, two days after Burgess went missing.

McCavanaugh said he saw two people carrying something out of the back of Burgess’ home as he was walking through his back door.

He said it was dark outside but he believes one of the two people was Caleb Cannon, the father of Burgess’ 10-year-old son.

“Just his height and his whole, exactly how he is you know, the piercings, the whole nine yards. I don’t question it,” McCavanaugh said.

He said he saw Cannon several times before when he came to Burgess’ home to pick up his son every other weekend.

Nikki Burgess
The 36-year-old mother has been missing since late May.

McCavanaugh told detectives what he witnessed that night.

The day McCavanaugh noticed activity coming from Burgess’ home was the same day her best friend, Stevie Blainey, reported her missing.

The last time Blainey heard from Burgess was through a text message on the afternoon of May 23.

According to a search warrant executed on the home of Cannon, the text said Burgess was with Cannon Friday afternoon and the two had been fighting.

“I know that something happened there. Looking back I just go, ‘Oh my gosh,’ when I realized what that could have been. That really attacks your brain and your heart big time,” said McCavanaugh.

The search warrant also mentioned a friend of Burgess’ son, who saw Cannon place two black nylon bags into the trunk of a car in Burgess’ driveway.

Police said his description matches the car registered to Cannon.

The search warrant also said cadaver dogs “alerted to the presence of human decomposition” in Burgess’ home and in the trunk of the car registered to Cannon.

Police say Cannon, who is a person of interest in the case, has not been cooperative with their investigation.

No arrests have been made and no charges filed in Burgess’ disappearance.

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