Kroger holds 3-week event to exhibit flavors of Mexico

Kroger holds 3-week event to exhibit flavors of Mexico (Image 1)

Kroger, one of the nation’s largest grocery chains, has begun a new series of events to highlight the taste and flavors of various cuisines

Savor World Flavor kicked off on June 3 with the Taste of Mexico in Kroger stores across the nation.

For three weeks, the cuisine of Mexico will be highlighted through new product selections, cooking demonstrations and food samplings.

Some of the samples will include:

Freshly-made guacamole and popular Mexican fruits in the produce department

Tilapia, shrimp ceviche and chorizo, among others, in the meat and seafood department

“Fuego” cheeses in the deli area, along with ready-to-eat meals like chick enchiladas and tamales

The stores will also have hot churros every day at 4 p.m. for 99 cents each.

Even Kroger’s with Starbucks inside will offer a special Horchata Frappucino during the three-week event period.

Some of the new products that will sold in the store include authentic Mexican brands and products, from Mexican Coke sweetened with cane sugar to Paletas, which are ice pops made with fruit.

Mexico is just the first of many countries and cuisines that will be highlighted in the new event series.

“Savor World Flavor is about re-igniting our customers’ passion for food through the authentic tastes and cuisines of world cultures,” said Michael Donnelly, Kroger’s vice president of merchandising, in a release.

Customers can also visit the Savor World Flavor Web site for recipes, videos, schedules of in-store events and even register for prizes, including trips to Mexico.

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