Former Nashville Predator walks away with George Strait’s hat at final show

Former Nashville Predator walks away with George Strait's hat at final show (Image 1)

With nearly 105,000 people watching George Strait conclude his Cowboy Rides Away tour, a former Nashville Predator walked away with the souvenir of a lifetime.

Vernon Fiddler, a current Dallas Star who played six seasons with the Predators, had floor seat tickets to Strait’s record-setting concert in Arlington Saturday night.

Before Strait left the stage Saturday night, he tossed his iconic cowboy hat into the crowd.

Fiddler, a huge country music fan even before he played in Nashville, was in the right place at the right time.

“It boomeranged around a few people and it landed literally on my lap,” Fiddler told News 2 over the phone Tuesday night.

With Strait saying he’s done touring, the hat is a piece of country music history.

Fiddler said Saturday’s grab tops the one hat trick he’s pulled off in his career.

“Of all the people there, I can’t believe I’m the one that got the hat.”

The hat was signed and dated by Strait before Fiddler made the catch.

Since then, he’s received substantial cash offers for the souvenir. Being such a big fan, he’s turned down those offers.

“It’s definitely something you’d have to consider,” said Fiddler. “But I’m just not interested at this point in time.”

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