Spring Hill neighbors against shelter that saves rescue dogs

Spring Hill neighbors against shelter that saves rescue dogs (Image 1)

Some Maury County neighbors are at odds over an animal shelter that saves dogs from being put to sleep.

Barktopia, located on Greens Mills Road in Spring Hill, opened its doors last September.

At first, many neighbors didn’t even know the shelter was there until owner Jamie Hawkins applied for a permit to put a kennel on the property.

Hawkins, who is the founder of Tennessee Death Row Dogs, a non-profit that saves dogs from euthanasia, says Barktopia is “intended to be a place of hope and new beginnings for the rescue dogs.”

Hawkins is now worried she will have to close her doors after complaints from those who live nearby.

Some neighbors say they are concerned about their property values dropping while others worry the dogs could get loose and pose a danger to children playing outside.

The issue is scheduled to go before the Maury County Board of Zoning Appeals on Wednesday.

If Hawkins gets the special permit she needs the shelter can stay open. If not, she says her mission of saving dogs that are scheduled to die will come to a halt.

There is an online petition to save Barktopia that has already collected a few thousand signatures.

For more information, visit their Facebook page.

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