Developers relaunch plans for mixed use development in Brentwood

Developers relaunch plans for mixed use development in Brentwood (Image 1)

Developers are relaunching plans to bring a 600,000 square foot mixed use development to Brentwood.

At one point, the project was called the “Streets of Brentwood,” but the effort to get the section of land rezoned was abandoned after community concerns about the residential aspect of the development and other concerns about the development in February 2013.

“There was just a lot of resistance to the residential development in Brentwood,” H.G. Hill Realty Company CEO Jimmy Granbery said. “The city of Brentwood is mostly built around the one acre single family lot concept.”

The property is located on 32 acres on the corner of Maryland Way and Franklin Road.

Currently, the land is home to the former Tennessee Baptist Convention building, the former Murray Ohio headquarters and a vacant lot that’s all owned by H.G. Hill Realty Company.

This latest development will be called the “Hill Center Brentwood” and would be scheduled to open in the fall of 2016.

“It will be the first phase which will include a good portion of the retail and some of the office buildings,” Granbery said. “It will include all of the needed infrastructure and all the roads for the development.”

But in order to build the development, the developers must get the land rezoned from C1, which would allow for assisted living and office space, to C2 zoning which would allow for retail and office space.

The C2 zoning would not allow for residential living on the property.

Brentwood City Commissioners unanimously approved the rezone bid on its first reading Monday night.

The next step is a community meeting on June 26, a public hearing on July 14 then a final vote to approve the rezoning likely on July 28.

The development is proposed to include 120,000 square feet of retail space, 30,000 square feet of restaurant space and 450,000 square feet of office space.

There is an option for a 150 room hotel, but that has not been finalized.

The new center will complement the already existing Hill Center where Fresh Market and the Puffy Muffin are located. That center opened in 1983.

“It is not like we will have this center and that center,” Granbery said. “It will be all in the same area except architectural and the buildings will be newer.”

He continued, “Thirty-two acres at the heart of the corner of Maryland Way and Franklin Road is a pretty good spot.”

Granbery did not have exact amounts for how much the development would cost, but it would be a multi-million dollar project.

It’s estimated that the development would also increase property tax collections for the county. Right now the land where the Tennessee Baptist Convention building is located was not subject to property tax per state law.

It’s estimated by H.G. Hill Realty Company that an extra $498,000 a year would go to Williamson County Schools as a result of the development.

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