50 years of trash washes up in Maury County community

50 years of trash washes up in Maury County community (Image 1)

What started as an unregulated and unlicensed family dump site has turned into a community problem for residents in Culleoka.

Maury County EMA Director Mark Blackwood said the Maury County Sheriff’s Department received a call about the issue last Thursday after heavy rain fell in the area.

Residents on Tanyard Hollow Road complained that tons of household trash from a private farm had moved down a hill into a creek and onto nearby properties.

Deputies arrived to the scene and found that two families, a brother and sister, had been dumping their household waste for more than 50 years.

“The property owner admits dumping trash into unregulated and unlicensed sites since the 1950s. There are no apparent health effects, but it is unsightly. It doesn’t appear to be hazardous enough to contaminate the water supply,” explained Blackwood.

News 2 visited the area Monday afternoon and found friends and family in nearby Fountain Creek and adjacent farms cleaning up trash from more than a mile away.

They placed the garbage in large plastic contractor bags.

“Never in my experience have I dealt with a household dump site that has migrated that far and now will require such an extensive clean up,” Blackwood and Sheriff Deputy Captain Jimmy Tennyson said.

The Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation is investigating.

Officials told News 2 the property owners will likely be cited and have to pay a hefty cleanup cost.

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