Stars of hit ABC shows meet with fans at CMA Fest

Stars of hit ABC shows meet with fans at CMA Fest (Image 1)

The CMA Music Festival is not all about the music.  On Friday, fans met some of the stars of ABC’s biggest prime time shows.

Andi Dorfman, the new Bachelorette, is just one of a slew of ABC stars who made a pit stop at country music’s biggest party.  

Fans of the reality dating star could not wait to hear her experience thus far on the show during a Q&A session at the ABC Summer Block Party tent.

“I think what she does is like really hard and I don’t think people see that. She’s done awesome and she’s so sweet and love to hear about her experiences,” said Maddy Underwood of the Bachelorette.

Bachelorette super fan Ayana Flethcer-Tyson agreed.

“Hopefully it’s a success for Andi,” said Fletcher-Tyson.  

The ABC Summer Block Party, located in the heart of Lower Broadway, had an explosion of stars all day including Jonathan Jackson of the hit TV show “Nashville.”  

Fans waited for hours to get up-close and personal with the multi-talented star.

“She got here at 6 a.m., I got here at 9 a.m. just to get his autograph cause we watch the TV show and DVR it… we don’t miss it,” said Janice Reddick.

Jonathan Jackson told News 2 he’s grateful the show has connected with the viewers.

“We’re so appreciative of the fans. I mean so many of them travelled. We met people from the UK from Canada from all over the states and you know it’s great for us to hang out,” said Jackson.

You can catch both “The Bachelorette” and “Nashville,” which was recently renewed for a third season, on Nashville’s News 2.

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