Wi-Fi now free at Nashville airport but only for 30 minutes

Wi-Fi now free at Nashville airport but only for 30 minutes (Image 1)

Free Wi-Fi has arrived at Nashville International Airport, but is it really free?

The short answer is yes, but only for 30 minutes, according to Boingo Wireless, the company providing the Wi-Fi.

Users must also watch a 30-second commercial, complete a survey or download an app before being granted access to the network.

That is not the understanding of the airport, however.

“Through our agreement with Boingo, we’re offering free Wi-Fi,” airport spokeswoman Emily Richard told News 2. “The only caveat is that every 30 minutes you’re prompted to view an ad, but it’s unlimited.”

News 2 accessed the free Wi-Fi Wednesday and an even different scenario.

Only the first 20 minutes of Wi-Fi usage were free.  After that, a pop up message appeared asking us to pay $7.99 to continue using the service.

News 2 called the Boingo technical support phone number and spoke with a representative who stated only the first 20 minutes are free.

Richard said the network is still in transition, but said it is the airport’s understanding that the free Wi-Fi is unlimited as long as customers are willing to watch an ad every 30 minutes.

According to the airport, premium Wi-Fi is also available for those who wish to engage in higher-bandwidth activities, like streaming high definition video or uploading large files.  Hourly, daily and monthly access options are offered.

Boingo Wireless provides Wi-Fi to airports across the country

Click here to read more about Nashville International Airport’s Internet options.

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