Washington man jailed for transporting 60 lbs. of marijuana to Nashville

West coast legalization of marijuana impacts Tenn. (Image 5)
West coast legalization of marijuana impacts Tenn. (Image 5)

A Washington man faces charges after it was discovered he was transporting more than 60 pounds of high grade marijuana to Nashville.

Daniel Barton was initially stopped on Interstate 24 near Joelton for following too closely Tuesday.

The officer’s K9 unit sniffed the 57-year-old man’s vehicle and alerted police to the drug.

The marijuana, which was valued at more than $180,000, was discovered in the trunk of Barton’s rental vehicle.

He is being held in lieu of a $76,000 bond.

News 2 learned that Barton’s arrest prompted a search of his Snohomish County home in Washington State.

A task force found approximately 150 marijuana plants that Barton reportedly cultivated on his property.

The plants were worth an estimated $400,000.

According to Washington drug agents, Barton has a medical marijuana license as a patient.

This allows him to possess 15 plants.

Authorities said Barton knowingly transported the marijuana to Tennessee to resell in the illegal drug market.

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