False email claims Wilson County students failed TCAP tests

False email claims Wilson County students failed TCAP tests (Image 1)

Hundreds of Wilson County parents got a bit of a scare over the weekend after receiving a false email stating their child had failing TCAP scores.

“Their final grade hinges on that whether they pass or fail to go to the next grade, so it’s pretty major,” said concerned parent Sherri Todacheeny who received the false email.

According to the school district’s Web site, the erroneous email alert was automatically generated out of Parent Connect, which serves as a portal for parents to view their child’s grades throughout the year.

Todacheeny told News 2 she and others received an automated phone call Monday from the school district explaining that the false email was caused by a glitch in the software.

Many parents still question how could a glitch sent out such an alarming message about their child’s state exams.

News 2 requested an interview with Wilson County Interim Director of Schools Mary Ann Sparks Wednesday about the flawed email, but she was unavailable for comment.

“They need to look into it and check it out to see how it can be prevented so that it won’t happen again,” said Todacheeny.

Despite the brief scare, most of the parents told News 2 the school district resolved the email flap relatively quickly.

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