Boot business aimed at women booms during CMA week

Boot business aimed at women booms during CMA week (Image 1)

It seems that everywhere you look these days on Nashville’s Lower Broad, there’s a new boot store doing big business.

“We have eight stores within two blocks,” beamed Ed Smith, who along with his wife, owns just about every boot outlet in Nashville’s historic honkytonk district.

His stores operate under a variety of names ranging from Trail West, to the high end Betty Boots and the all-purpose Boots and More.

All of the stores are along Broadway, Second and Third avenues.

“This is our biggest week,” said Smith who has opened several of the stores within the last few years. “It used to be that our business was about two-thirds men and one-third women, now it’s the reverse.”

To make his point, he took us to Betty Boots nestled amidst the bars and record stores on Lower Broadway.

Inside, most of the sales people and a good share of the customers, were in what has become a standard look for many in Nashville’s honkytonk area—boots with skirts or short shorts.

Boots at Betty’s can range up to a couple of thousand dollars.

One of those buying some expensive ones was Brenda McCauley who was in town for the CMA Fest and Wednesday night’s CMT Awards.

“I take a pair home every year when I come here,” she told News 2. “I have spent $1200 on some ones last year.”

A block away outside of Trail West, Angela Suitter, longingly looked at all kinds of boots through the store’s front windows.

“We don’t have boot stores in New Hampshire,” she laughed. “So I might as well buy them here and wear them around.”

That’s something a lot of women are doing as Nashville is becoming a place for boots as well as music.

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