Woman jailed after trying to infect wheelchair-bound relative with HIV

Woman jailed after trying to infect wheelchair-bound relative with HIV (Image 1)

A woman who is reportedly HIV positive was arrested after she allegedly attacked a wheel-chair bound relative with a contaminated cloth Saturday.

According to a police report, Jennifer Huddleston-Grigsby went to a secured assisted living facility where her family member resides with the intention of getting pills.

The 62-year-old victim said she told Huddleston-Grigsby “no” before the 35-year-old woman allegedly pulled a salvia-filled cloth out of her mouth and rubbed it on the senior citizen’s face.

“She’s had [HIV] over 15 years, so she is positive,” the victim said. “Then she wiped it all over my face. She tried to stick it in my mouth, but she couldn’t because I wouldn’t let her, and she said, ‘Now B*%#! You got AIDS.’ That’s exactly what she said and she done this in front of her two little children.”

The elderly victim also sustained injuries to her lip, mouth and teeth during the vicious attack.

“She had a huge pocketbook and she took her purse and she struck me with her purse, probably five or six times on my head. She busted by lip, she hit me in my mouth. My two teeth are loose,” she explained.

She added, “It was awful. It was horrific. I am very afraid I might get [HIV].”

The victim was taken to the emergency room where doctors said she will have to be checked periodically over the next year.

“If the person whose saliva is involved was on treatment and was adherent to treatment, that would reduce the risk,” explained Dr. William Schaffner of Vanderbilt University Medical Center. “On the other hand, the victim, if they had cuts on the face, or injuries to the mouth, on the mucous membrane, that would increase the risk somewhat, but even so, we would think the risk of transmission in this circumstance would be pretty low.”

Huddleston-Grigsby is charged with domestic assault and criminal exposure of another. She remains jailed on a $30,000 bond.

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