Historic home demolished in east Nashville

Historic home demolished in east Nashville (Image 1)
Historic home demolished in east Nashville (Image 1)

A historic home in east Nashville is being demolished.

The Queen Anne-style house located at 1818 Eastland Avenue was built in the 1900s. The home was the original location for the Spout Spring School before it was turned into a house and later apartments.

The Metro Historical Zoning Commission plans to save everything they can from the home. Many of the home’s architectural elements will be sent to the historical society.

Nashville-based Jordan Construction Company is doing the work. Owner Eric Jordan grew up in east Nashville.

“It sad to see something this old go, but there’s a price to progress, I guess. We’re trying to salvage everything we can, recycle everything we can [and]be as neat about it as we can,” Jordan told News 2.

It will take three days to tear down the home.

No word on what could be built on the property once the house is gone.

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