Grass near new $2M Franklin road project remains un-mowed

Grass near new $2M Franklin road project remains un-mowed (Image 1)

Grass near a newly completed $2 million road project remains un-mowed in Franklin.

The grass in the median and shoulders of McEwen Drive and Cool Springs Boulevard is several inches tall, while grass at the nearby Franklin Fire Station 6 and in the roundabout is well maintained.

News 2 spoke to the director of engineering for the City of Franklin. Paul Holzen oversaw the contractor who handled the construction project.

“We are in the final part of the construction project where we are trying to finish punch list items and one of those items is to let the ground stabilize,” Holzen said. “What we try to do is allow the grass some time to grow to prevent erosion.”

Holzen told News 2 that run off can get into streams and pollute the water.

“Like you see on all City of Franklin roadways, we maintain them to the highest level,” Holzen said. “That section is getting ready to be added to our mowing cycle so you should start seeing that in the next two weeks.”

That section of McEwen Drive took about a year to complete and cost $2 million.

“The traffic in the area is substantially better,” Holzen said. “We are excited to have delivered that project very quickly and efficiently for our citizens.”

Similar grass will be seen growing near the new Mack Hatcher Parkway widening project.

People who have concerns about tall grass or other issues on property around Franklin should call the City of Franklin’s Property Maintenance and Codes department at 615-794-7012.

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