Struggling California man finds bag with $125K, returns it

Struggling California man finds bag with $125K, returns it (Image 1)

A California man with zero money to his name currently in rehab for a drug addiction found $125,000 in cash and returned it.

ABC News reports 52-year-old Joe Cornell was watering trees at his job across from the rehabilitation center in Fresno when he heard a car honk at an armored truck to get its attention.

“The car had pulled up next to the truck like it had dropped something,” he explained.

After both the car and truck pulled away, Cornell walked over to see what might’ve happened.

He found a big orange back, “like a Santa Clause bag,” that had stacks upon stacks of $100 bills.

Cornell took the bag to a nearby trailer and counted the cash, which amounted to $125,000.

The man in need said he momentarily contemplated what to do with the money.

“I thought about it. It was a good-devil-bad-devil thing on your shoulder, but taking the money wouldn’t compare to what my grand kids would think of me if I did something like that,” Cornell told ABC News.

He took the money to his supervisor at the rehab center who then notified police.

Cornell has been in rehabilitation for a drug addiction since January. He washes and shines cars at a parking lot across from the center for work.

The company that lost the money, Brink’s, plans to give him a $5,000 reward as well as make a $5,000 donation to the shelter, Cornell said.

He told ABC he remains focused on his rehabilitation and setting a good example for his family.

“I have been to jail too many times. I’m tired of doing that. People have called me crazy, but I am here trying to change my life,” Cornell said.

*ABC News contributed to this report.

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