Police remind motorists to be vigilant ahead of CMA Music Fest

Police remind motorists to be vigilant ahead of CMA Music Fest (Image 1)

Metro police are reminding people to be vigilant about securing their vehicles because car thieves are on the lookout for easy targets.

With CMA Fest beginning next week, a lot of out of town guests will be in Music City with an estimated 55,000 people downtown.

In Nashville, so far this year, around 360 cars have been stolen.

Of them, more than half were taken because the keys were either left in the car or were available to the people who stole the car.

Also, police want drivers to remember to hide valuables if they must leave them in their car and to lock their car doors.

“Take your keys with you and make sure your vehicle is locked,” Central Precinct Commander Jason Reinbold said. “Even if you have nothing in the vehicle you want to secure it because, we have people who will walk around pulling on door handles until they find one that is unlocked.”
Drivers should also remember where they park. Every year cars are reported stolen, but they are actually just misplaced.
Commander Reinbold suggests taking a picture of the parking lot you park your car in and the street signs nearby.
People wandering around looking for their vehicles can also become the victims of crime.
Metro police will have extra officers on patrol downtown during next week’s events and they will also have undercover officers working in the crowd.
“When you see all these officers down there don’t be shy,” Commander Reinbold said. “There is nothing wrong with approaching an officer and talking even to say hi.”
He continued, “If you see anything that feels uneasy make sure you approach an officer.”
Metro police also want people to be careful with where they leave items, like purses and wallets.
Pick pockets will more than likely be among the people in the massive crowds that will gather downtown.
“There are going to be a lot of bodies down there so if I have a wallet hanging out or a purse open that is a prime target for a pick pocket,” Commander Reinbold said. “Just know your surroundings.”
Sarah Roets is visiting Nashville with a group of friends for bachelorette party.
Roets told News 2 she chose Nashville because she has always wanted to visit. Her and her girlfriends are having fun, but staying alert to those around them.
“We always go travel with two and we have our cross body purses and we keep them close to us,” Roets said.
Also, if you buy tickets to a show from a street vendor, make sure they are wearing an official permit from issued from Metro-Nashville.

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