Upcoming convention benefits Music City for years

Upcoming convention benefits Music City for years (Image 1)

Nashville is gearing up to host a convention that will benefit the city for years.

Thousands will attend the American Society of Association Executives Convention in August, helping Music City sustain the recent unprecedented demand going forward.

The group is considered to be the “Super Bowl” of conventions; the attendees are those who select destinations like Nashville for their own organization’s meetings and events

The American Society of Association Executives, or ASAE, is the association of associations.

“For a meeting our size, Nashville is the perfect city,” ASAE President & CEO John Graham told Nashville’s News 2.

With 6,000 attendees, Graham said it’s not a big meeting when it comes to attendance numbers, but the long term benefit for Nashville is huge.

“Our attendees will spend about $15 to $16 million over that four day period and over the course of the next five to 10 years the city should realize about $500 million of association business from the people who are attending.”

Graham added that the majority of the attendees are the decision makers and that about 1,200 of them will host their own meetings in Music City.  

“Twenty percent of the people who attend this meeting will book their convention in Nashville over the next five years and that’s why this meeting is so impactful for this city.”   

This is not the group’s first time to the city. They were here in 2005, but outgrew Gaylord.

Nashville really needed to have a convention center and a hotel package and they have both now, that can really attract the meetings that are 5,000 plus.

Graham added it’s also the music, food and hospitality that draw them to the city.

ASAE will model the annual meeting in August with hopes that other associations will follow suite. The meeting will be held August 9-12.

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