NY animal specialists examine dogs seized from Nashville raid

NY animal specialists examine dogs seized from Nashville raid (Image 1)

Veterinarians from New York are in Nashville examining some 30 dogs that were taken during an April raid in north Nashville.

Metro Animal Control announced earlier this month the assessments were to take place before the dogs could be considered for adoption.

The dogs, mostly pit bulls and a few English bull dogs, were seized on April 22 in part of an investigation into an alleged dog fighting ring in north Nashville on Pewitt Road.

SLIDESHOW: Photos from the scene

The veterinarians, who work with the Animal Farm Foundation, began evaluating the dogs’ behavior Tuesday night and News 2 checked in on Wednesday.

The specialists assess behavior by putting each dog in different situations with various stimuli to see how they respond.

“People of different shapes and sizes, with food, with rawhide toys for resource-type guarding,” explained Bernice Clifford.

Clifford said there about 11 different types of situations ranging from an elderly lady with a hat and cane and a doll that looks like a toddler.

“We’ve got some dogs that can go into just about any home, no matter what is there. Then we’ve got some dogs that are going to need a quieter home to help them socialize”, Clifford said.

The Metro Health Department and Metro Animal Control have been working with the dogs since they were seized.

“I would say, from what I’ve seen, the majority of them are adoptable,” Clifford told News 2.

Metro Animal Control hopes animal rescue organizations will come forward, offering to take the dogs and help accept adoption requests. No timetable, however, was given as to when the dogs will officially be ready for adoption.

The behavioral assessments are expected to continue through Friday.

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