Girl suffers seizure while swimming, saved by lifeguards

Girl suffers seizure while swimming, saved by lifeguards (Image 1)

A group of lifeguards in Maury County saved a girl’s life after she suffered a seizure while swimming over the weekend.

The incident happened shortly before Noon Saturday at the Wellness and Aquatics Complex on Oak Springs Drive in Columbia.

The girl, identified as Sky Petrusec, knew how to swim but apparently suffered a seizure while underwater.

A lifeguard on duty recognized the emergency and sprang into action, as did the other 11 lifeguards who were in the pool area at the time.

It took just seconds for the lifeguard to get to Petrusec and pull her out of the water.

“He did the rescue breaths and had her out of the water as fast as he needed to be,” said fellow lifeguard Joshua Godwin.

Godwin, 18, helped with the rescue and called 911.

The lifeguards administered CPR until emergency personnel arrived minutes later.

There were approximately 50 people in the pool area at the time. Swimmers were asked to clear the pools so lifeguards could focus on the child.

“We’re very proud of them,” Executive Director Laura Johnson told News 2.  “This is the kind of incident you never want to happen but you always want to be prepared when it does happen [and] that you know exactly how to handle it and what to do so the best outcome is possible.”

Godwin has worked as a lifeguard for more than a year but said it was the first time he’s ever actually been faced with a possible drowning.

Lifeguards at the complex are well-trained in CPR and must practice at least four hours each month to keep up their skills.

Godwin says he feels better prepared in case he’s ever faced with a similar situation.

“It was a fantastic outcome, we’re really happy with how our team responded,” said Johnson.

After the ambulance left, the lifeguards said a prayer together.

“We just wanted to be thankful and praise God the situation turned out in a positive way and asked for safety and protection through the year,” Johnson said.

An update on the Petruseccondition was not available.

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