Clarksville woman uses Facebook to find owner of lost camera

Clarksville woman uses Facebook to find owner of lost camera (Image 1)

A Clarksville woman is thankful to have her camera back after a stranger found it and used social media to locate her.

“I couldn’t believe that someone went through all that effort to track us down, and the community rallied together to make sure those memories were returned to us,” explained Kari May.

She accidentally left the camera behind on Mother’s Day at a store while shopping with her family.

An employee found it and gave it to Nichole Thomas, who handles the store’s lost and found.

That day, Thomas looked through the photos and was determined to find its owner. She was touched by what she saw.

“It was full of pictures and you could tell it was a military family,” said Thomas.

She posted one of the pictures from the camera on her Facebook page and on Clarksville Now asking if anyone recognized the couple.

Her post received hundreds of shares.

“The final connection was a friend of theirs’ who sent me a final message with a phone number that said, ‘This is my friend. Please give her a call,’” said Thomas.

On Wednesday, Thomas gave News 2 the camera to give back to May.

She also sent May a special message.

“I hope she enjoys the pictures that are on here and that she takes many, many more,” Thomas stated.

“That’s so sweet. I definitely will. I love to take pictures,” May responded.

May said she appreciates what Thomas and the community did for her.

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