8 students charged after food fight at Wilson Central High School

8 students charged after food fight at Wilson Central High School (Image 1)

A food fight at Wilson Central High School resulted in criminal charges and students involved may not be allowed to take part in graduation.

The Wilson County Sheriff said eight students were charged with vandalism and disorderly conduct after the incident Friday.

“I just remember seeing food getting chucked every which way. It was funny,” said student John Davidson.

He said he is one of about 10 seniors at Wilson Central High School responsible for the food fight.

“We got loaded. We had disorderly conduct, vandalism charges and we got suspended the rest of the year, which was like two to three days, and we can’t walk the line,” Davidson continued.

The sheriff said the food fight left significant damage to the cafeteria, especially the ceiling tiles.

Davidson said he can handle the punishment with one exception.

“I think walking the line. It’s crazy because you work your whole school career just to get to graduation. It’s just about you and your peers and everybody that you worked so hard to go with and then you finally get there and it’s taken away. It’s gone,” he explained.


added that they didn’t’ hurt anyone and didn’t trash the entire school.

“We dirtied up the cafeteria. I mean, it’s food,” he said.

Davidson also said he learned his lesson and has a message for school administrators.

“I am sorry for what I did,” he stated.

The principal said she has a meeting scheduled with the interim superintendent Tuesday and in order to decide the appropriate punishment.

Parents of the students involved said they plan to be at the Board of Education that morning to advocate for their children.

The sheriff also said investigators continue to review surveillance video and more students may be charged.

Last week, students at Mt. Juliet High School, also in the Wilson County School District, were punished for wearing pajamas to school and sleeping in the hallway. Officials with the school district said it caused a “safety hazard.”

As a result of that prank, about 25 students were not allowed to participate in their Senior Field Day.

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