Nashville man searches for family of fallen soldier

Nashville man searches for family of fallen soldier (Image 1)

Mike Servais has been searching for the family of fallen Marine Dan Arthur Bolton for decades.

“His best buddy who was with him when he was killed, grabbed his personal effects and held them all these years,” he said while visiting Bolton’s gravesite at the Nashville National Cemetary.

Servais continued, “We recently received an indirect contact from that family, saying,  ‘Can you help us find an appropriate family member for us to send these things?'”

Bolton was just 18-years-old when he was killed in Vietnam. Servais, who grew up with Bolton in northeast Nashville, said he was mortally wounded in a hot firefight.

Bolton was buried in the National Cemetery on Gallatin Pike in Madison in 1969.

Servais told News 2 that Bolton was always interested in joining the Marines. He said Bolton was highly ranked after leaving Parris Island, the site of the Marines recruit training.

After leaving Parris Island, he then went to Vietnam, but was killed three months after enlisting.

On Monday, Servais stood at Bolton’s grave-site asking his old buddy for some clue as to where his family is now.

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