Wilson County parent upset over elementary school letter

Wilson County parent upset over elementary school letter (Image 1)

A Wilson County parent is upset after she said a letter of intent signed by elementary school students and their parents was broken.

In the letter, students promised to have good behavior until the end of the school year or they would be punished.

A problem arose after a dozen students broke that promise.

The day after parents and students signed the letter, a bullying incident was reported to school administrators at Carroll-Oakland Elementary School.

School district officials said their investigation revealed that 12 students were guilty of bullying. They were suspended but are still allowed to participate in the 8th grade graduation.

A parent contacted News 2 and said she was concerned about how her daughter’s school handled the situation.

“It upsets me very much because it makes me feel like it’s OK for these kids to keep on bullying each other,” said the parent.

Carol Ferrell, the school’s principal, said after review of student behaviors and hearing appeals from students and parents involved in the alleged bullying incident, she decided the letter would become “null and void.”

 “The students got punished according to the rules in the code of conduct which applies to every student in Wilson county schools,” Ferrell said.

The parents of the child who was bullied said they agreed with the punishment.

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