Man charged for road rage against mother, child on I-24

Man charged for road rage against mother, child on I-24 (Image 1)

A Rutherford County man is facing charges following a road rage incident involving a mother and her child on Interstate 24.

Timothy Berty, 35, has been charged with reckless endangerment and felony vandalism.

According to police affidavits, the incident occurred on May 13 around 7:15 a.m. during rush hour traffic.

A 22-year-old mother was driving with her five-year-old when she said Berty became aggressive.

“There was a big truck behind me and he started honking his horn, and he was flipping me off again, and he was really angry,” she explained.

The woman told News 2 the road was packed with cars and there was nowhere for her to go. She said she tried to move over to the next lane to put distance between her and Berty, but was unable to do so.

“He started moving over into the third lane, and I stared honking my horn and his rear tire is on my face and I’m blowing on my horn and there is nowhere to go. So, I roll down my window and throw something at him, a plastic cup, and I’m freaking out yelling and my 5-year-old son’s in the car. “

That’s when the Berty reportedly got out of his truck in the middle of I-24 and walked toward the woman’s car.

“He got angry, made a fighting stance like he was lunging and he was going to punch me and, eventually, kicked my door. Left a big dent in my door,” she explained.

The victim had $700 in damages to her car.

The woman also said Berty verbally threatened her by calling her a terrible mother and telling her son that he would be parentless.

“He said he was going to slit my throat and drag me into the woods. And I told him that was not going to happen,” she stated.

A source close to the investigation told News 2 that Berty denied ever making those statements.

Berty has an extensive driving record. According to the Smyrna police chief, he was cited in April for passing vehicles on the shoulder and was very agitated when the citation was given.

Authorities told News 2 that motorists on I-24 at the time of the incident took pictures and turned them in to police.

Berty was released from jail on $6,000 bond as officials continue to investigate.

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