Metro Schools adjusts rezoning plan amid parental concerns

Metro Schools adjusts rezoning plan amid parental concerns (Image 1)

Metro Nashville Public Schools  unveiled a zoning proposal school officials hope will ease overcrowding at two MNPS schools and calm concerns of hundreds of parents.

MNPS is rezoning students to accommodate the new Waverly-Belmont Elementary School, which is slated to open in 2015.

The new school will be located at 2301 10th Avenue South where the current IT department for MNPS is located.

Originally, the rezoning was going to impact students at Julia Green elementary and Percy Priest Elementary in Oak hill community.

Those schools were already overcrowded and we needed to find a way to relieve that overcrowding,” Director of Schools Dr. Jesse Register said. “It is a perfect location for relieving overcrowding in the Hillsboro Area.”

The district changed their rezoning plans after receiving a lot of feedback from parents.

Nobody wants to leave good schools and parents don’t like their child to be changed from one school to another one,” Dr. Register said.

School officials have now reduced the size of the new school zone and left around 80 students who would have been sent to the new school zoned for their respective schools.

The district also added two geographic priority zones one for the Julia Green Elementary students who live in the 4-N area of the zone. Those parents would have the option to send their children to Eakin Elementary.

The 4-N area is bordered on the west by Lynnbrook Road, to the south by Woodmont Boulevard, to the east by 21st Avenue South and on the north by I-440 and Woodlawn Drive.

Pepper Margargee is the PTO president at Julia Green Elementary and has 4 children at the school. She lives in the 4-N area of the Julia Green zone.

I can feel all the care and the thought that has gone into this decision,” she said. “I know it wasn’t easy.”  

Likewise, parents in the Oak hill Community living in the 4-L area will have the option to send their children to the new Waverly-Belmont Elementary school or let their children continue to attend Percy Priest Elementary.

The 4-L area is bordered on the west by 21st Avenue South, to the south by Glen Echo Road, to the east by I-65 and to the north by Woodmont Boulevard.

“I heard from a number of concerned people who live south of Woodmont about the possibility of the rezoning,” Oak hill Mayor Austin McMullen said. “Oak hill is very connected to Percy Priest Elementary.”

Dr. Register said the new school should alleviate overcrowding in the two schools for quite some time.

It is estimated that the school will start with 343 students in 2015 and grow to 537 by the next school year. That will still be below the capacity of 600 students the school will be able to handle.

The full school board is scheduled to vote on the new zoning plan at its next meeting on Tuesday, May 27.

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