TCAP issue may delay report cards for students

TCAP issue may delay report cards for students (Image 1)

Tennessee Department of Education officials announced late Tuesday they will not be releasing TCAP quick scores until the end of next week, likely delaying end of year report cards for thousands of students.

Schools were offered two options to deal following the delay: hand out report cards now and then another report card later when the TCAP scores come in or wait until the TCAP scores are delivered before issuing the report cards.

After complaints from school districts across the state, state education officials gave a third option. Districts can be granted a waiver, releasing them from the state law that requires the use of TCAP scores in students’ final grades.

A number of school districts have requested the waiver including Sumner, Rutherford, Montgomery and Davidson counties.

News 2 obtained an email from Tennessee Department of Education officials to superintendents regarding the TCAP scores delay.

It stated that the delay is in response to the state changing its process of evaluating standardized test results.

Kelli Gauthier, Director of Communications for the Tennessee Department of Education, said, “The department informed districts that the ‘scale scores’ for TCAP in grades 3-8, which are used in the calculation of student grades, will be delayed until next week. We have reached out to each school district to let superintendents know that they can apply for a waiver if this creates an operational challenge for them. We have already granted waivers to districts that have made these requests.”

Since 2010, TCAP scores have accounted for as much as 25% of a student’s final grade as required by state law.

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